Moodle 2 backups (.mbz format)
(Moodle 2 backups)

This area allows you to download zipped versions of the OSL and BOLD Units in standard Moodle 2 .mbz format. These may then be uploaded and adapted for use in your own Moodle 2.3+ site. They may function in Moodle 2.1 or 2.2 but this cannot be guaranteed. All units are "bare-bones" and will need enhancing with images and other content to engage users.

Please note that there is no available technical or other support for these courses - once you have uploaded them to your own Moodle you should test functionality and suitability to your purposes and assign the relevant support staff (where relevant) to run the units.

Please see the "About the OCNWMR BOLD and OSL Accredited Courses/Units" area for more information, details of OCN registration and conditions of use. Worcester College of Technology takes no responsibility for the uploading or use of any of these units on Moodle sites outside its control.

Worcester College of Technology is also able to run cohorts through all or any of the units on your behalf. For more information contact our Director of ILT, Peter Kilcoyne (