Henley BOLD Unit 2: Structuring a VLE Course
(Henley BOLD Unit 2: Structuring a VLE Course)

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Unit 2: Structuring a VLE

This is the second of three units (Blending Traditional and Online Learning, Structuring your Moodle VLE and Promoting Active Learning Online) which make up the BOLD course. All units are aimed at teachers who are relatively new to the use of online technologies to deliver or support learning.

This unit centres on actual development of a Moodle course and has five sections and a series of practical exercises to be completed. The focus of the unit is on skills and pedagogy to equip teachers with the ability to think about, plan and develop blended learning programmes on a VLE - in this case using Moodle. At all stages of the course we invite you to share your reflections and experiences with your peers so that we all learn together.